Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Sales Representative

Occupational Background: Working Class Citizen

Educational Background: BA Columbia Christian College

Prior Governmental Experience: None. No experience with: corruption; mis-managing a budget; owing people favors.


This year, elect "The Peoples Candidate" who will lobby for your interests and not special interests.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 5th District:

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need to vote for me!

I am the Constitution Party Candidate for the 5th Congressional District because you deserve a clear choice in this election. Years of compromise and collusion in Washington, D.C. have made the differences between the two dominant corporate parties nearly non-existent. No matter which of the two is in power, the result is always the same:

When elected to Congress I will work to:

1. Restore your lost rights
2. Secure our borders and stop the illegal invasion
3. Abolish all trade agreements and un-holy alliances that hurt American workers

It doesn't take a genius or years of "experience" to do
what's right for the citizens of America.

This election, don't waste your vote on a Republican or Democrat. They've had their chances and have failed you miserably! Send a message to Washington that "business as usual" is no longer acceptable! This election, vote for a candidate who has no strings attached, for a change.

Let's Make It Happen!

(This information furnished by Douglas Patterson for Congress.)