State Representative
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Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Chemical Engineer at Albany Research Center, U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1966 to 1996

Educational Background: BA, Physics, Pacific Lutheran University, 1959; Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University, 1966

Prior Governmental Experience: Elected Albany City Council Ward I, 1972; Reelected Albany City Council Ward 1, 1976; Elected Albany Mayor, 1978; Elected Albany City Council Ward I, 1998; Reelected Albany City Council Ward 1, 2002; Reelected Albany City Council Ward 1, 2006

Accomplishments as City Councilman:

Neighborhood rezoned from apartment to single family 1971
Downtown Carnegie Library kept open 1974
Prevented urban renewal that would have demolished downtown business and residential neighborhoods 1976
Historic Monteith house purchased and preserved. 1976
Downtown parking meters removed 1977
Ambulance service returned to its rightful place in Albany Fire Department 1979
Central School preserved from demolition 1980
Three downtown historic districts formed 1980
Carnegie Library again kept open and Carnegie Endowment Fund initiated 1990
Albany Airport kept open 1998
Swanson Pool reopened as Cool Water Park 2005
Central School again saved from condemnation 2005

The above accomplishments show my concerns for and stewardship of the City of Albany. As your Representative I will show the same concern for the qualities that make Oregon the great place to live that we now enjoy. Having taken no moneys from corporations, lobbyists or Chambers of Commerce, I will remain free to listen to the wants and needs of all Oregonians and particularly those of the residents of State House District 15. Let's keep Oregon green.

See the State's web site ( and go to (orestar) to see who supports the candidates' elections and how much they gave.

I will urge legislation to prevent housing of forensic patients (the criminally insane) in residential neighborhoods.

I will oppose imposition of any sales tax.

Phone: 541-926-7348
web site:

(This information furnished by Olsen for District 15 State Rep Committee.)