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Occupation: Family Physician

Occupational Background: Family Physician, Mt. Angel Family Medical Center. Volunteer physician: Silverton Community Outreach Clinic

Educational Background: M.D., UCLA School of Medicine; Los Angeles, CA. B.S. Biological Sciences, UCI; Irvine, CA.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Civic Involvement: President, Mt. Angel Community Foundation, Volunteer, St. Joseph's Homeless Shelter; Founding Member, Medical Ethics Committee, Silverton Hospital


SEIU Local 503 endorses Bob as a strong advocate for public education, child safety, and human rights!

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters endorses Bob for his outspoken support of renewable energy and clean technology to protect Oregon's environmental quality!

The Oregon Council of Police Associations recognizes Bob's dedication to public safety!

The Oregon Education Association agrees with Bob that education is essential for our Democracy, our quality of life, and Oregon's economy.

I am passionate about quality and affordable health care.

Our system of medical care and health insurance is broken and is causing suffering for many people, with many Oregonians only one illness away from bankruptcy!

I am running for the Senate to make the political changes we need to secure essential and affordable health care for all Oregonians. Gaining from the broad experience of being a physician, patient, small business owner, founding member of Silverton hospital's Ethics committee, a six year veteran of the Oregon Medical Association's Medical Review Committee, and now a volunteer physician providing free care to the uninsured at the Silverton Community Outreach Clinic, I understand the problems and can offer wise solutions for Oregon's health care crisis. There should be no gaps in coverage, no cracks to fall through, and no denial for preexisting conditions.

Oregon workers have been increasingly productive and efficient, bringing more income into the state. This money has been going almost entirely into the pockets of the extremely wealthy. I will work to build an economy that works for all Oregonians, not just the few.

Vote: Dr. Bob For a Healthy Oregon!!

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