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Kenneth W Matlack photo
Kenneth W


Occupation: Four years Morrow County Sheriff

Occupational Background: 25 years Oregon State Police, Trooper, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Assistant Station Commander, Outpost Commander. Four years Private Investigator including 3 1/2 years Contract Investigator with Oregon Department of Corrections. Two years public School Teacher at Powder Valley High School, North Powder Oregon

Educational Background: Graduated Umatilla High School, 2 years BMCC Pendleton and graduated Eastern Oregon State College La Grande 1971 with BS in Education; Graduate Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command; Graduate of DEA's School on Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Law Enforcement

Prior Governmental Experience: Arlington City Council and Planning Commission, Arlington School Board, Gilliam County Budget Committee, Irrigon City Council, Morrow County School Board, Morrow County Health District and Irrigon Cemetery District

Since elected Sheriff I have initiated the following:

I believe in rural policing. In small populated rural counties like Morrow County, you are much more likely to be dealing with neighbors, acquaintances and friends. These are people that may live near you, you go shopping with, and you see on a regular basis. People expect to know you and how you deal with people is quickly known. It's about respect and service. You use a big stick only when you have to.

Please re-elect Ken Matlack, Morrow County's "Working Sheriff".

(This information furnished by Kenneth W Matlack.)