State Senator
Maren Lundgren photo



Occupation: Public Defender

Occupational Background: Management

Educational Background: Portland State University, B.A.; Gonzaga Law School, J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

As a mother and advocate for children, I have come to realize our system is broken and our solutions must be interconnected. We must change the way we think about the urgent problems we face and stop wasting money on the same broken systems. Now is the time to collaborate to form a shared vision of the Oregon we want for our children and grandchildren and set a strategic plan to reach that vision.

Building a Sustainable Economy:

Times are tough. We must shift from an economy rooted in the lumber and real estate booms of the past to a sustainable economy for future generations by building local businesses, tourism, renewable energy, and clean tech manufacturing.

Prioritizing Education:

I am committed to educational excellence at all levels: from early childhood programs preparing children to arrive at school ready to learn, to reducing class sizes, expanding teacher mentoring, keeping arts and PE in schools, and ensuring all Oregonians have access to higher education and vocational programs.

Achieving Energy Independence:

I believe Oregonians have the pioneering spirit to create a green energy blueprint for the nation. I will work to expand our existing wind, solar, wave and geothermal infrastructure.

Expanding Public Transportation:

I will advocate for regional public transportation resources so working families don't have to choose between fuel and food.

Improving Healthcare:

No one should have to choose between paying for medical treatment and paying their bills. As a mother, I understand the urgency of this issue. I will fight for a better health care system that serves all Oregonians.


Senator Ron Wyden

Governor John Kitzhaber

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian

John Kroger


Oregon League of Conservation Voters

United Transportation Union

Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA)

Basic Rights Oregon PAC

Central Oregon Labor Council (AFL-CIO)

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Maren Lundgren.)