Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Homemaker

Occupational Background: Adana's nurses registry, FedEx, Small Business Owner, Real Estate Investor

Educational Background: Nursing Program, Mt. SAC

Prior Governmental Experience: none

I'm Delia Lopez and I'm running for congress because I'm fed up. I've watched as our Constitution has been discarded and our rights trampled. Our constitution was written precisely, to limit the power of government, and protect the rights of the people. Our Federal government was to be especially restrained. Government closest to the problem is most efficient and people are better able to maintain control. Most of the problems our nation is facing is due to the fact that we have allowed our leaders to ignore the law of the land. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Constitution Party we all want the same things. Good schools, clean environment, jobs. Our nation is facing overwhelming debt, that will be left to our children and grandchildren. Right now our nation is 9 trillion dollars in debt. In 2001 $.82 would buy a euro, recently it was $1.60 That is a 50% reduction in the value of our money causing an increase in costs of imported items.

We are spending one third of our federal budget policing the world, while our social security trust fund is bankrupt. We need to care for our seniors, our veterans and our disabled citizens. We have our military guarding the borders of countless other nations, while our border is wide open. We need to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and keep the money and the jobs here. Eliminate corporate welfare, give small companies the same tax benefits as large ones. Americans don't want more government programs, they want jobs. More information on my positions is available on my web page I am running for congress because we, the people, need to take back our country.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Delia Lopez.)