Attorney General
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James E


Occupation: Oregon Sole Practitioner Attorney 1993-present; Husband 1990-present; Father 1992-present

Occupational Background: Law Clerk Idaho Court Appeals 1987-89; Idaho Deputy Attorney General 1989-91

Educational Background: Juris Doctor Degree University Idaho 1987

Prior Governmental Experience: Law Clerk Idaho Court Appeals 1987-89; Idaho Deputy Attorney General 1989-91

The constitutions of Oregon and the United States should not be ignored. I will obey them. I will do all I can to make our governments operate within their constitutional limits.

My policy is: slavery bad – liberty good.

Oregon's founding fathers chose liberty, so do I.

Having been a prosecutor myself, I know that a person can be both a great prosecutor and a good person. Prosecutors are not supposed to prosecute all cases brought to them. Prosecutors are supposed to only prosecute cases for which the prosecutor has admissible evidence that will likely convince a jury that a particular defendant is guilty of a crime. Prosecutors should never knowingly present perjurious testimony. Appellate prosecutors should confess error when appropriate.

When I am Attorney General the policy of the Oregon Department of Justice will be to seek justice, not victories.

Oregon's Constitution says, "In all criminal cases whatever, the jury shall have the right to determine the law, and the facts under the direction of the Court as to the law…" I will do all I can as Attorney General to insure juries in criminal cases know their powers as well as their duties.

We need to create trial courts of general jurisdiction. In 1910 the people eliminated Oregon's circuit courts when we amended Article VII of the Oregon Constitution. Oregon's Circuit Courts, have not been replaced by law as authorized by Article VII amended.

I am pro life. A person becomes a person at conception.

Our right to defend ourselves and others is our most important right. We cannot and should not rely solely on government employees to protect ourselves, our families, and our property.


(This information furnished by James E Leuenberger.)