State Senator
Richard Koopmans photo


Occupation: Delivery Driver

Occupational Background: Carpenter; Coach; Lifeguard

Educational Background: Rogue Community College; Pasadena City College

Prior Governmental Experience: US Military

Don't shoot me, I'm only the delivery driver who only wants to deliver quality to your home, office and State Capital.

Senate District 2 is Grants Pass, Central Point and everywhere in between. It's the home that I love for the last 25 years. So if you live in our district, ask yourself "Why vote for this guy?"


Like you, I'm sick and tired of politicians who work for the lobbyist, political party or special interest groups and leaving the rest of us out in the cold.

Blessed with a strong body, a sharp mind and a big heart. I have to run. I run because I love Jesus and Hay-Zeus. I run because I love America and Will and Grace, Bob and Ted, Sue and Sally, Elton John and Queen. I run because I love the Red, White and Blue and people of color. I run because it's wrong that only the wealthy and well connected get to be representatives.

Now is the time to end the politics of hate, fear and greed. Let us bring back the politics of hope, courage and prosperity! Democracy requires participation, so VOTE!

(This information furnished by Richard Koopmans.)