State Representative
Jim Karlock photo


Occupation: Co-owner, electronics manufacturing company

Occupational Background: Self-employed electronics designer; awarded six patents

Educational Background: Benson High; University of Portland

Prior Governmental Experience: none

Community Experience: Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association; cable TV producer: Preserving the American Dream; Executive Committee, American Dream Coalition: Created:,; Libertarian Party County Chairperson

There have been a lot of changes in our neighborhood since the days I attended Beaumont Kindergarten and Kennedy Grade School. I am saddened to see how government policies have replaced so many of our open spaces, trees and gardens, with big box apartments, skinny houses and row houses, inflicting density and traffic congestion on us.

I will:
Fight to maintain our neighborhood's character (while one of my opponent's endorsers is a leading advocate for higher density.)

Oppose government policies that lead to neighborhood destroying gentrification.

Reduce energy costs. My opponent supports foolish "cap-and-trade" which Increases your energy costs to force you to use 44% less to drive your car and heat your home. How cold will your house be with 44% less heat in the winter?

Oppose tax giveaways to urban renewal districts' millionaires, while school children, police and fire departments suffer.

I Support:

School choice because disadvantaged people deserve choices too (twenty percent of teachers' children attend private schools.)

The reduction of taxes, fees, pollution and regulations to create a healthier economy and more family wage jobs.


The government must not dictate anything about our bodies, our consumptions, or useful medical procedures.

Government provided service must not discriminate by religion, race, nationality, or sexual orientation.

The difference is clear. Instead of hurting people with schemes like cap & trade, more high density and higher taxes, I will use my proven abilities to create new ideas and translate them into reality to help people.

Endorsed by Neighborhood & Oregon leaders:
Bruce Broussard
Steve Buckstein
Bill Markwart
Randal O'Toole
Rob Kremer
John Charles

More liberal than a progressive, without the wasteful spending.

(This information furnished by Friends of Karlock.)