State Representative
John E Huffman photo
John E


Occupation: State Representative; Commercial property owner

Occupational Background: Manager, Q104 radio, 1985-2007; Ford Dealership Manager, 1980-1984

Educational Background: Some college

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Investment Board; The Dalles Chamber of Commerce Economic Development

John Huffman—Creating Opportunities
John understands the importance of a healthy economy—tax revenues increase, education dollars are better allocated, necessary social services are funded. John knows how to prioritize and spend wisely to keep Oregon business-friendly.

John Huffman—Working for You
John brought cell service to Wheeler County, helped capture $2 million for Connect Oregon II which will bring jobs to Jefferson County, voted to add 39 more state troopers to roads and added funding to Oregon Project Independence allowing seniors to receive in-home care.

John Huffman—Fighting for Rural Oregon
In one year, John has made significant steps in each of the 30 communities he represents. He voted for the Regional Rural Investment, the Farm to School program and to reduce inheritance taxes so your farm can stay in the family.

Congressman Greg Walden
Oregon Farm Bureau
Oregon AFSCME Council 75
Oregon State Police Officers' Association
Oregon Health Care Association
National Rifle Association

"John's one of us—he knows what it takes to run an agricultural business. He understands our livelihood depends on our ability to run businesses and farms. John has taken great strides to see rural Oregon gets the attention it deserves."

Gary Harris—Harris Farms, Madras

"John cares for our communities. His work throughout Wheeler County is efficient and effective. He has always been a friendly, dependable resource for citizens and we need him serving our state."

Jeanne Burch—Wheeler County Judge

"John Huffman is dedicated to learning about the issues that face our region and finding structures that make government work. That is what I like about him and why I support him for this office."

Laura Pryor—Retired Judge

Vote Experience. Vote Rural Oregon Values.
Vote John Huffman.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect John E Huffman.)