County Office
Don Homuth photo


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Small business re-organization consultant; research contractor for various projects (e.g., analyzing web-enabled internet use by environmental groups); political campaign manager; administrator of large and small non-profit organizations; news director for a North Dakota television network.

Educational Background: B.A. (North Dakota State University - 1970); M.B.A. (Master of Management - Willamette University 1990)

Prior Governmental Experience: Polk County Commission for Children and Families; Chair Marion-Polk FEMA Emergency Food & Shelter Board; State Senator North Dakota (1974-75); U.S. Army Viet Nam veteran, decorated for Valor (1966-1968).

Personal: Don and his wife, Kathy Cegla, have lived in Polk County since 1993.

Community Service: Past board member local American Red Cross; West Salem Neighborhood Association past secretary, neighborhood clean-up chair, e-news network moderator; Polk County veteran groups supporter.

Don is an educated, experienced manager who spent over three years watching the Polk County Board of Commissioners. He sees a need for more voter participation, a more accessible county commission, and more transparency in the commission's decision-making process. Don's commitment to Polk County – and to democracy – is his reason for running a third time.

Don would address county water issues with realistic ideas, address urban-rural growth concerns with fuller public participation, and develop a sustainable funding platform for Polk County that does more than rely on federal funds.

County government was never intended to be a lifelong career for anyone. Polk County faces challenges in the future that cannot and will not be addressed by someone who is looking back 20 years, and who offers nothing more than another "four more years" with the same approach.

Look at how our county has grown and changed over the past 20 years. Ask yourself: Can Polk County still do business the same old way as we face a $2.4 million revenue shortfall this year or next?

The next ten years are much more important than the last 20.

Elect Don Homuth to the Polk County Board of Commissioners.

(This information furnished by Homuth4Polk Committee.)