Representative in Congress
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Occupation: homemaker

Occupational Background: healthcare-25 years; teaching-3 years; business owner; consultant

Educational Background: BA in Human Resource Administration, Concordia University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

I am angry at the divisiveness being promoted by the mainstream media, and yes, even by our own government. Agencies need to validate their existence by coming up with more and more regulations all of which promote divisiveness, not unity. Ethnicity? Religion? Income? Party Lines? We will not be able to exist as a nation with this continual focus on what makes us different instead of on what we have in common.

My campaign team consists of not only Constitution Party members, but also Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats and Independents. Everywhere I have campaigned in this state, people from all political affiliations say that they feel unrepresented; all feel that they are being ignored and that we are losing our country. The message of a Constitutional Government resonates with Americans, as our Constitutional Rights are violated daily by the current Congress.

We need representatives in DC who will put Americans' needs first, rather than sending $300 billion overseas to fight global poverty and $50 billion overseas to fight HIV / AIDS. Charity begins at home and in the private sector.

While fighting the war on terrorism overseas, we are leaving out own borders wide open. We need to secure our borders. (Named True Immigration Reform candidate by Americans for Better Immigration)

We need to return our country to an America that our children and grandchildren can be proud of. We need to return to our Constitutional foundations. We need to be Americans.

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Endorsements: Mary Starrett, Executive Director, Oregonians for Life; Oregon Firearms Federation PAC; Sharlyn Homola, Vice President, Oregon Consumers and Farmers Association (OCFA)

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