State Representative
Sal Esquivel photo


Occupation: State Representative, Principal Managing Real Estate Broker

Occupational Background: Real Estate, 16 years; Business Owner, 12 years; Wood Products Industry, 12 years. U.S. Navy (Vietnam Veteran).

Educational Background: Medford High School; Southern Oregon College.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon House Representative since 2005; State Senator, 2004; House Assistant Majority Leader; Vice-Chair Business and Labor Committee; House/Senate Revenue Committees, Tax Reform Committees, General Government Committees; Ethics, Elections & Rules Committee; Education Committee; Medford City Council, 1997-2004, President, Vice President.

A lifelong resident of the Rogue Valley, Sal is our current State Representative and has served us as our State Senator and Medford City Councilman. He has dedicated his entire life to making the Rogue Valley a better place to live. We need Sal Esquivel to represent us in Salem.

Sal is an independent thinker and statesman, looking at every issue on its merit-not on party affiliation. He led a bi-partisan group that funded the SOU/RCC education center and purchased protected woodlands in Jacksonville. Sal co-wrote the House rules to make sure all Representatives, regardless of party, could introduce legislation.

The Economy is Sal's focus. Our community is struggling to make ends meet. We need to eliminate bureaucracy to allow clean industries to bring living-wage jobs to the people in our district.

Public Safety—Sal advocated and supported funding state police to keep us safe, and continues to work on a stable funding source.

Health Care—Sal believes we need to eliminate bureaucracy and bring common sense to the health care system, so that everyone can be insured.

Education—Kindergarten through college funding is vital, and we need to get the money directly to the classroom.

Seniors—Sal is active on the Medford Senior Center Board, worked to obtain Senior Center funding, and helped save Project Independence.

Efficient Government needs to live within its means, be effective and accountable.

Tax Relief—It's time to have a serious conversation about tax relief for working families.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Sal Esquivel.)