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Occupation: Owner: Futures: College & Financial Planning; Corporate & Community Relations, University of Phoenix

Occupational Background: Certified College Planning Specialist, Investment Advisor Representative

Educational Background: Bachelor's of Science, Business Management – University of Phoenix

Prior Governmental Experience: Vice-Chair, Tigard Water Board; Chair, Libertarian Party of Washington County; Treasurer, Libertarian Party of Oregon; President, BNI – Downtown Portland Chapter; Vice President, Portland Area Business Association

"The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil."

You have another choice. Vote for REAL change!

I am:

I will vote for:

Lower Taxes Marriage Equality
Lower Spending Improved Transportation
More Privacy More Personal Freedom & Personal Responsibility

We need to push back against the Federal Government's invasion of our private matters. They can now monitor our phone calls and library records and they will continue to unless we put a stop to it NOW. Furthermore, we need to end state government's involvement in the marriage business. Churches, synagogues and mosques should decide who gets married, not the government. When will they stop?

If the government stuck to its basic functions such as:

…then we would have plenty of resources available for projects such as widening Tualatin-Sherwood Road and expanding the I-205 Corridor.

"The problems we face will not be solved
by the minds that created them."

"I am a college and financial planner who has helped my clients achieve financial freedom and independence. I am a strong and dynamic leader who has proven time and again my skill to bring ideas together for a common goal. We all want what's best for our families and community, but it will take a strong leader to affect real change. Elect me and I will spark the change that is necessary for our freedom and prosperity." – Marc Delphine     503.748.7737

(This information furnished by Friends of Marc Delphine.)