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Hanten (HD)


Occupation: Health System Analyst

Occupational Background: Medical Doctor, Public Health Physician, Harvard Fellow, Assistant Professor, Chief Research Analyst, top-level positions in public, private and non-profit organizations.

Educational Background: Degrees in Medicine, Public Health, Research/Measurement & Quantitative Analysis.

Prior Governmental Experience: Professional and leadership positions, including Chair of Marion Health Advisory Board; VP/Secretary of Marion Cultural Development Corporation, Salem-Keizer School Board Director. Active volunteer/leader in schools/communities.

Family: Happily married for 20+ years to Wei with two children: Richie and Joy. Caring for aging/legally-blinded parent offered insights into senior/disability issues, project independence and home/community-based long-term care.

WHY AM I RUNNING? I believe HD19 voters deserve better representation than an initially-appointed incumbent who is out-of-touch by repeatedly voting against their will and in-sync with special interests. I run to represent the ordinary people and working families ("the little guys"), NOT the elite insiders and out-of-state corporations. My top priority is to best represent and serve YOU, the constituents, to feel your pain and cheer your gain. I pledge not to take personal gifts from lobbyists and contributions from out-of-state corporations. I work for you!

"Hanten's public service has demonstrated his independence and courage."

~Representative Brian Clem

Firm believer in fiscal conservatism, personal
responsibility & strong family values
Tireless promoter of open and efficient government
that's OF/BY/FOR the PEOPLE
Change agent for "H.O.P.E."

-Health Care Reform (Help kids, seniors, disabled and the working uninsured)
-Open Government and more Opportunities for jobs, college and small business
-Public Safety (Prevent crimes, Patrol highways, Protect children and families)
-Education Excellence, Equal Rights, Economic and Environment Sustainability

With his leadership on the school board and in the
community, Hanten Day will help produce the kind of
change our state needs."
~Senator Ron Wyden

Vote for Change! Vote for H.O.P.E! Vote for Hanten Day!


ENDORSEMENTS: SKEA/SKACE/OEA (Salem-Keizer Education Association), Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA), Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon AFSCME Council 75, SEIU 503, more on

(This information furnished by Friends of Hanten Day.)