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Arleen D


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Business Manager, Manufacturing; Partner, Praxis Partnership, Consulting

Educational Background: St. Mary's Academy, Portland; Portland Community College, Science, Business; Portland State University, Business

Prior Governmental Experience: Crook County Land Use Planning Commissioner since January 2003; Chair of Powell Butte Highway Study Group 2005

A Common Sense approach for Preserving our Lifestyle through Open Government

PROVEN EXPERIENCE in Government and Business. Since 2003 I have been representing your interests on the Crook County Land Use Planning Commission. I have attended over 100 meetings and reviewed hundreds of land use applications to verify their conformance to ordinances. Equally as important is my 25 years of business management experience in the private sector.

PRESERVE OUR LIFESTYLE: My goal is to plan, rather than just react, for changes to enhance our quality of life in Crook County.

COMMON SENSE APPROACH: I have attended County Court Commissioner meetings for two years. I will bring my common sense and fresh ideas to find solutions to problems. Those problems include the loss of timber payments and the resulting effect on revenue; destination resorts' role in our rural communities; transportation management and the connectivity required for reasonable travel to and from Crook County, and steelhead reintroduction with its impact on farms and cities. Our social services need to be maintained through a period of potentially decreasing funds from State and Federal sources. While working with CASA and teenage girls I saw the importance of these services.

OPEN GOVERNMENT: I will seek your ideas. I will involve you in preparing the implementation plans required to support the strategies for the future and it will all be done in an open and forthright manner.

My experience on the Planning Commission making tough decisions, combined with my business experience in analyzing and implementing fiscally sound outcomes, will serve me well as your Crook County Commissioner.

No question about it, I will bring a fresh and unique perspective to the Court.

(This information furnished by Arleen Curths for County Commissioner.)