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Tom M
Chereck, Jr


Occupation: Husband; Father; Garden, nursery, greenhouse, orchard, vineyard operator; Evangelist, street preacher; Plant Health Care Technician, Rasmussen Spray Service.

Occupational Background: ASR Prograss Landscape Care & Design; Spray Technician Nitrolawn; Flagger Asplundh Tree Expert; Groundskeeper Marion County Jail; Route Technician Cascade Landscape; Greenhouse/Horticulture Coordinator Oregon Corrections Enterprises; Correctional Plant Maintenance Worker OWCC; Correctional Landscaper OWCC; Grounds Maintenance Riverside Golf & Country Club; 7-Eleven store clerk; Dirollo Landscape & Irrigation; Grounds Maintenance City of Tualatin; Greenhouse Manager PCC.

Educational Background: The Bible; Husband; Father; Pesticide applicator recertification training; Protestant Evangelical Churches; Godaddy website design; CAD Chemeketa; Flagger D&H Flagging; Botanist, Oregon Native Plant Society; Associate Science Landscape Management Portland Community College; Explorer Scout Tektronix; Electronics Major Benson Polytechnic High School.

Prior Governmental Experience: Marion County Facilities Management; Oregon Corrections Enterprises; Oregon Department of Corrections; City of Tualatin.

Licensing: Birth Certificate; Born a USA Citizen; Social Security Card Holder; Oregon Drivers License: Commercial Pesticide Applicator #167730 with eleven categories; Pesticide Consultant #94763; Private Pesticide Applicator #157019; Marriage Certificate March 1993. Baptized as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ November 1990.


In our great USA we have freedom. Freedom is to speak freely about Politics & Religion. Our USA Constitution declares freedom of Religion not freedom from Religion.


Politics is how we live our lives here on Earth. Religion is how we live our lives forever. It is time we talk about it.


All those legally able to register to vote are accountable before the Lord God Almighty for the outcome of the election process. All these do vote. Casting a ballot is very important. Balloters decide the outcome. Register and cast a ballot.

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Unpublished writer. How To Parent, Amidst Complexity.
Liberty Counsel 2008 Member
American Red Cross Donor Card Holder

(This information furnished by Tom M Chereck, Jr.)