State Representative
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Occupation: State Representative; Founder/CEO Cafe Today Restaurants

Occupational Background: Hospitality Industry: Director of Operations; District Manager; Training Director

Educational Background: Oregon State University, B.S. Business Marketing; 1-year completed of Executive MBA, University of Colorado

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; House Judiciary Committee; Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee for Public Safety; Committee on Business and Labor; Committee for Health and Human Services; Committee for General Government; Governor's Re-entry Council; Attorney General's Underage Drinking Task Force.

Family: Married for 26 years to Judy Cameron. Daughters: Brianne and Amanda.

Help, not Rhetoric

Kevin Cameron understands that people face tough economic choices. Food and gas prices have soared while property values have plummeted. Kevin is working to find new solutions to help people during this tough economic climate and at the same time asking government to be more accountable with the money they have.

"Kevin's small business background and community leadership give him the kind of practical, innovative, and independent thinking we need in the legislature."

Gladys Blum
2006 Salem First Citizen

Trusted Leader

Kevin has a proven track record of helping people in the community, making himself accessible and getting things done. Whether it's his numerous town halls, attendance at community events and meetings or his dedication to bi-partisan leadership, Kevin Cameron is a respected leader.

"We have known Kevin and his family for over ten years and have witnessed the high level of integrity and commitment he brings to all areas of his life. He represents us well."

Pat Edelbrock
Retired Crossler MS Teacher
2002 Crystal Apple Recipient

Community Advocate

Whether it's stronger schools, safer streets, or improved access to healthcare, Kevin Cameron can be counted on to fight for our community. He works hard at being aware of our needs and advocating on our behalf.

"Representative Cameron has demonstrated a high level of availability to this community. He has been a supportive state leader who is in touch with local issues."

Stuart Olson
Stuart Olson Farms

(This information furnished by Kevin Cameron for Oregon.)