State Representative
Brent Barton photo


Occupation: Attorney.

Occupational Background: Business Attorney specializing in complex business problems and dispute resolution.

Educational Background: Stanford; Harvard Law School.

Prior Governmental Experience: None.

Community Volunteer: "We the People" Judge for high school students. Brent donated dozens of hours of legal services last year.

It's time for our voice.

Brent Barton isn't a career politician, so like us he realizes how silly things get in Salem — how the politicians talk about education but our schools are still struggling. How they point fingers and health care still costs too much. And how they never seem to listen to us.

Brent Barton is running for the Legislature to change all that. He'll be a new voice, our voice, in the State Capitol.

Make health care more affordable

Brent will prohibit doctors from refusing to treat senior patients when they go on Medicare. Brent also supports requiring hospitals and insurance companies to follow fair pricing guidelines that are based on the actual cost of providing health care.

Strengthen our schools

Brent Barton believes an excellent school system is necessary for economic growth. Brent will work for stable and adequate school funding that goes into the classroom for smaller class sizes. Brent also supports vocational training and apprenticeships for skilled trade and renewable energy jobs, providing good career options without a college degree.

Support our veterans

Brent supports more education, housing, and health care opportunities for veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan and resuming their lives.

Cut government waste

Brent's plan includes protecting whistle blowers who report the waste of taxpayer dollars and preventing companies that hire illegal immigrants from getting state funding.


Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregon State Police Officers' Association
Oregon Education Association
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
SEIU Local 503, OPEU
Stand for Children
Senator Ron Wyden
Congresswoman Darlene Hooley
State Senator Rick Metsger
Estacada Mayor Bob Austin
Oregon City Mayor Alice Norris
(partial list)

(This information furnished by Friends of Brent Barton.)