State Representative
Phil Barnhart photo


Occupation: State Representative

Occupational Background: psychologist; adjunct professor University of Oregon; Deputy District Attorney

Educational Background: University of Oregon, BA, JD; California School of Professional Psychology, Ph.D.

Prior Governmental Experience: 4 Term State Representative, Eugene School Board, Deputy District Attorney



As a Leader in Oregon's Legislature, Phil Barnhart has delivered time and again for working Oregonians.

Phil is fighting to eliminate billions of dollars in loopholes and corporate giveaways to fund education, public safety, health care, and other essential services.

As Chair of the House Revenue Committee, Phil has worked to create a fair and balanced tax structure to pay for our community's most important priorities including:

Building World Class Schools

Phil took steps to re-invest in Oregon's public schools and universities, helped increase access to college through Oregon's new Opportunity Grants, and helped enact Oregon's first ever Rainy Day Fund, bringing stability and security for our students. Phil reinvigorated interest and support for apprenticeship programs, equipping workers with vital skills through education and hands-on training.

Strengthening our Economy

As Chair of the House Revenue Committee and member of the Workforce and Economic Development Committee, Phil champions structural changes to make our revenue system work for all Oregonians. Phil is working to eliminate failed tax loopholes and increase family wage jobs by promoting new economic development.

Protecting the Environment

To move Oregon towards energy independence, Phil helped pass both the Business and Residential Energy Tax Credit bills. Now home and business owners can not only afford renewable energy devices like solar panels and solar water heaters but have an incentive to install them. Phil continues to advocate for renewable energy job creation, strengthening our economy and protecting Oregon's future.

(This information furnished by Friends of Phil Barnhart.)