Attorney General
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J Ashlee

Working Families

Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Associate, Steenson, Schumann, Tewksbury, Creighton, & Rose, PC, 2008 – present; Attorney, Law Offices of J. Ashlee Albies, 2005-2008

Educational Background: Rutgers University, B.S.; Lewis and Clark Law School, J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Democracy requires real electoral choices. I am running for Attorney General to offer voters a choice and to introduce voters to the Working Families Party.

Political parties should help you identify candidates who support issues that matter to you. In this race, the two major parties have nominated the same candidate, so it is important for us to raise another voice.

Our Working Families Party stands for good jobs, especially creating green family-wage jobs, health care for all without private profit, debt free higher education and technical training, affordable housing and an end to predatory lending, and strengthening workers rights to organize and negotiate with employers.

The Attorney General holds a unique position; she upholds the rule of law for all Oregonians. The Attorney General must understand the economic and social underpinnings of crime. Unemployment, poor educational opportunities, and health care unavailability can lead to bad choices. Criminals must be prosecuted, but judges and juries need flexibility to fashion penalties that fit the crime and the criminal. This will help prevent future crime.

The high cost of prisons keeps us from accomplishing other goals. Oregon spends more of its general fund on corrections than any other state. Prison is more expensive and often less effective than community based solutions. These funds are taken away from education, health care, and other services that might actually reduce crime. Likewise, the death penalty does not reduce crime. It diverts resources from effective crime prevention strategies and costs more than life imprisonment.

The Attorney General should aggressively prosecute polluters, corporate criminals, and predatory lenders. Environmental destruction, economic violence, stealing pensions, and defrauding small shareholders causes serious harm to everyday people.

Join the Working Families Party in building a better Oregon.

(This information furnished by J Ashlee Albies.)