Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Congressman; Small business owner

Occupational Background: Owner, radio stations in The Dalles, Hood River.

Educational Background: Graduate: University of Oregon, Hood River Valley High School.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator, Representative; staff, U.S. Congress and Oregon Legislature.

Congressman Greg Walden…making a difference for us.

Greg's returned to Oregon over 215 times to stay in close touch with residents and work on their concerns. His legislation to improve forest health, safeguard our communities from catastrophic wildfire and create jobs is now law and beginning to deliver results.

Congressman Greg Walden…a small business owner working to create jobs.

After 18 years as a small business owner, Greg knows the challenges rural communities face in creating jobs. That's why he's supported incentives to revitalize the economy, stood up for Oregon's resource-based jobs, and strongly advocated for farmers and ranchers in the Klamath Basin and throughout our district.

Congressman Greg Walden…a father and husband who cares about quality education.

With a son in public school in Oregon, Greg and his wife know the importance of a quality education. He's supported additional resources in the classroom, more local control and accountability. He's worked hard to make college more affordable by increasing financial aid.

Congressman Greg Walden…works hard and gets results.

"Walden has repeatedly shown an unwavering commitment to central Oregon and the issues facing us…Bull trout, lack of jobs, the timber industry, and the drought declaration are all items which have been discussed at one time or another. However, Walden showed that he is not only aware of these problems, but that he is doing his best to help solve them or, at the very least, provide advice on how we can solve them ourselves. In these dark economic times, having a Congressman such as Greg Walden in our corner is a comforting thought." Central Oregonian, February 25, 2003

Congressman Greg Walden…a trusted and proven leader.

(This information furnished by Walden for Congress.)