State Representative
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Occupation: Systems Consultant

Occupational Background: IT Consulting and Software Development

Educational Background: BAS Systems Analysis Miami University, Current MBA Student at Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Over the last few years, Oregon has faced many challenges both as a result of internal and external events. Instead of rising to meet those challenges, most of our representatives continued to waste taxpayer money on frivolous or ineffective programs and pet projects. When they found out that there was not enough money left over to pay for schools, roads, police or any other essential services, they tried to hold the Oregon electorate hostage. The solution to the runaway spending was not to cancel the funding for these wasteful programs, but to threaten the public's safety and the future of our children. What the Oregon voters did next made me proud, in spite of the threats, extortion, and usual bully tactics of an arrogant legislature, the people of Oregon said "NO!" resoundingly. The message was clear, that what the Oregon legislature needed was not more resources, but more accountability. They had not done their job well, they had failed to provide good leadership, and they were unable to be good stewards of the public trust.

I ask you now to send another loud message to the Oregon State Legislature, to elect me as your next Representative.

I will:

I need your support. Voting for the lesser of two evils is not a viable long-term strategy. Oregon needs real change, and I am ready to truly serve the interests of every Oregon citizen.

(This information furnished by Friends of Wes Wagner.)