State Representative
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Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Warehouseman for Safeway, Inc., 33 years; Real Estate Agent, Windemere Heritage; Jet Engine Mechanic, United States Air Force.

Educational Background: Benson Tech High School; Jet Engine Technician School, United States Air Force

Prior Governmental Experience: Molalla City Mayor, Molalla City Councilor (1996-2004), Molalla City Mayor 2001-2002.

Community Involvement: Vice-Chair, Clackamas County Republican Committee; Delegate, Clackamas County Republican Committee.

Personal: Married to Sandy; seven children and 12 grandchildren.

Mac Sumner…Deep Community Roots
Mac is a life-long Oregonian, a City Councilor and former Mayor of Molalla. Mac's involvement in the community continues to bring people together to solve problems.

Mac Sumner…Job Creation, Not More Taxes
Mac believes that now is not the time to raise taxes on Oregon's families. Our unemployment is the second highest in the nation; Mac knows that helping to create new jobs and expand existing businesses is the best way to solve our current fiscal crisis.

Mac Sumner…Working For the Best Possible Education System
Mac believes our greatest natural resource is our children. Making sure they have the best possible education for the future is a top priority for Mac.

Mac Sumner…Upholding Family Values
Mac believes that Multnomah County Commissioner Diane Linn and her colleagues are out of control. Mac believes in due process and will work for a ballot measure to define marriage as it was meant to be, between a man and a woman.

Mac Sumner…Champion for Agriculture
Mac understands the challenges facing rural Oregon and will promote natural resource issues. He understands the unique needs of farms, ranches and other agricultural-oriented businesses and he will fight for their rights in Salem.

"Mac Sumner has my total support. He is the best candidate to represent the interests of this area in the state legislature."

Representative Tootie Smith

"I think Mac has a good understanding of our agricultural area and the problems we face."

Tom Bentley

(This information furnished by Mac Sumner for HD 18.)