State Representative
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Freedom Socialist

Occupation: Office Manager since 1991 Harry's Mother runaway youth agency

Occupational Background: Production Manager, Tears of Joy Theater

Educational Background: M.A., University of Maine; B.A., University of Puget Sound

Prior Governmental Experience: Lobbied for elected Independent Civilian Review Board to ensure community control over police; opposed formation of Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force; plaintiff in winning lawsuit to eliminate state law that kept some minor parties off the ballot.

Why I'm running
I want to offer Oregon's underserved, overtaxed, working-class majority a voice. A lifelong resident, I've watched the quality of life deteriorate because of budget crises and unfair tax burdens. Together we can reverse this by forcing corporate giants to pay full taxes and working to halt the tax-devouring U.S. war in Iraq. Innovative actions such as these would provide the state with increased income and federal assistance for programs serving youth, people of color, women, the elderly, disabled and the poor.

A legislative platform for working people
Fund education, healthcare and social services by fully taxing corporations.
Bring home Oregon's National Guard from Iraq and reallocate military spending to social needs.
Raise the minimum wage to $15.00, create jobs by reducing workweek to 30 hours with no loss in pay.
Defend overtime and the right to organize unions.
Oppose the PATRIOT Act, protect women's reproductive
freedom, medical marijuana, death with dignity, and immigrant rights.
Legalize same-sex marriage - defeat Measure 36.
Enact statewide rent control and increase quality low-income housing.
Nationalize utilities and major industries under workers control, oppose privatization of state agencies - defeat Measure 38.

Ours is a grassroots, shoe-leather effort fueled by those who want Oregon to be affordable for working people. No more hand-outs for corporate big shots while workers are unemployed or under-employed.

Some of my endorsers include:
Portland Socialist Action; Anne Rose-Pierce: Chairperson …after seventeen years…; Radical Women

For full platform, endorsers list, or to help, call 503-267-2583 or email me at

(This information furnished by Send Sardo to Salem Committee.)