State Representative
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Occupation: Facilities Engineer

Occupational Background: Senior Mechanical Designer, Draftsman

Educational Background: Tigard High School (1978); Oregon State University (no degree)

Prior Governmental Experience: Gladstone School District Budget Committee; Precinct Committee Person; Chairman Clackamas County Republican Central Committee

Oregon does not have an 'insufficient revenue' problem. We have an out-of-control spending problem in the Legislature. Do we really need to 'reform' our tax structure because the politicians can't control themselves. When they talk about 'tax reform' what they really mean is tax increase! What we need is spending reform in Salem.

We need to send people to Salem that will stop them from raising our taxes and stealing our Kicker refunds. I oppose the so-called 'Rainy Day Fund' idea for several reasons. Most plans call for it to be funded by taking away our Kicker refunds. Many of the agencies already have money put away for 'contingencies'. I don't trust the Legislature with the keys to access the saved up funds. Since they write the rules, they can determine to use the money any time they wish. They've invented 'emergencies' before.

We need to send people to Salem that will keep the 'Double Majority' law whole. When they talk about 'reform' of the Double-Majority law, they mean 'repeal'. Loss of that law would make it easier for them to raise our taxes.

We desperately need to stop using our tax dollars to provide services to illegal aliens. One estimate suggests we spend over $130 Million Dollars just on K-12 schooling for illegal aliens! We need to send people to Salem that won't try to give illegal aliens in-state tuition rates!

We need to send people to Salem that will fight to keep Measure 11 whole. Already there are efforts underway to weaken law that protects us all. Bad guys that commit crimes and are convicted belong in jail, not on the street.

We need to send Dave Sanders to Salem, House District 40.

(This information furnished by David Sanders.)