State Representative
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Occupation: Retired Boise Cascade St. Helens 38 years, Farmer, Car enthusiast

Occupational Background: wood and paper products industry

Educational Background: Graduate St. Helens High School, Clerical training Army

Prior Governmental Experience: Army honorable discharge, stationed Europe

Personal: AWPPW local #1 financial secretary charter member, Canaan Community Church - deacon, Married 51 years, 8 children, 15 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren

I offer citizens of our district a return to "servant government".

Our Declaration of Independence clearly states that our rights come from God and that government gets its powers from us – the people.

I have a very simple agenda. On day one of the next legislature a new day will dawn.

The 'People' Will Govern, the Government Will Serve.

Efficiency Audits of State Agencies Will Be Conducted By Independent Sources

On My Honor, I Will Vote "NO" On Any Budget That Includes Taxpayer Funds For Abortion

I Will Sponsor Legislation Requiring Government To Pay Property Owners For Any Loss In Property Value Caused by Regulations/Restrictions

A More Secure Southern United States Border

Gun Owners Will Not Become Targets If I Have Any Say About It

Strong Defense for Defense of Marriage Act

I Will Raise A Stink About State Programs That Dispense Contraceptives To Minor Children Without Parents Knowing About It Which Usurps Parents' Authority

While the two big political parties fight over their turf in government the citizens are left holding the bag. This election you have an opportunity to send a message and change the course of events.

Will you?

Ron Ross for State Representative District #31

(This information furnished by Ron Ross.)