State Representative
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Occupation: Licensed Tax Consultant

Occupational Background: Systems Engineer (IBM)

Educational Background: BSEE Indiana Institute of Technology; Chatham HS (MA)

Prior Governmental Experience: Volunteer Fire Chief (AZ); School Bond Issue (CO)

Personal: Married to Sharon, three children

Healthcare: Healthcare should be a right for all residents and not a commodity. Clearly the market driven, employer based method of medical services delivery needs to be revised. "Nearly one in three people in Oregon under 65 went without health insurance for all or part of the two year period from 2002-2003" Families USA – June 2004. We can do better!

Economic Security: The foundation of economic security is having living wage jobs for any person able to work so that they can provide daily needs, educate their children and provide for themselves when they can no longer work. There also needs to be an adequate safety net for those unable to work.

Education: I believe that K-12 and higher education is essential for economic security and a good quality of life. Affordable higher education will make this country stronger!

Fiscal Responsibly: States are not allowed to borrow and spend to meet current expenditures, as does the federal government. The Tax Foundation study rates Oregon as 9th on their Business Tax Climate Index (1 is best) so we are already a very good place to do business.

Quality of Life: I believe that sustainability and diversity is the key to maintaining our wonderful Oregon lifestyle. Anyone who pollutes or depredates our environment must be held accountable.

State Government: Oregon's state government exists to serve the PEOPLE of Oregon. The most important element of this service organization is its employees from the Governor, Legislators and Courts down to the entry person. In fact, without employees there would be no state government. We should have meaningful accountability when we consider outsourcing governmental services.

Endorsement: American Federation of Teachers - Oregon



(This information furnished by Dick Reynolds.)