State Representative
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Occupation: Small business owner, Certified Dental Technician, wood sculptor

Occupational Background: Dental technician specializing in crown and bridge and dental ceramics since 1982.

Educational Background: Oak Hills Elementary; Meadow Park Jr. High; Aloha High School Beaverton Oregon; COCC 1980, 1982-1884 Portland Paramedical Center; 1984 Graduated as a Dental Technician in crown and bridge, 1989 Board Certified in crown and bridge by National Board for Certification for Dental Technology.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair Libertarian Party Deschutes County 1998 -2000; Bend Police Department Chief's Citizen Advisory Committee 2001 to present; Deschutes County Joint Public Safety Committee 2002 to present; Juror

State Spending

Oregonians work hard for their money. I think they should keep it. Instead of capping the state budget, I will work to prioritize the budget to reduce state spending. I promise to fund public safety and K-12 schools first. I will not support new taxes of any kind: No Sales tax ever! I will vote to require auditing of all state agencies.

Citizen rights

I will protect all Oregonians from any laws that infringe on their personal freedom or property rights as protected by the Oregon State Constitution.

I will protect Oregon's Constitution and Oregon's Death with Dignity and Medical Marijuana acts from federal interference.

I believe that medical decisions regarding medication, treatment and procedures should be made between a patient and caregiver, without government involvement.

I will protect property owners in outlying areas (Deschutes River Wood's, etc.) from forced annexation into cities or other taxing districts without their approval.

I will support religious freedom in Oregon by not allowing the State Constitution to be altered to dictate which ceremonies (Weddings, Baptisms, Conformations, Bat Mitzvahs, etc.) can be performed, and who may participate in them.

"This state was founded by individuals. I invite you join me in taking Oregon back. The only lead this revolution requires is the one at the tip of your #2 pencil!"

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(This information furnished by Reisfar for 54.)