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Charles Frank


Occupation: Business Technology Analyst

Occupational Background: 26 years QA and Safety Analyst in aerospace and IT. Employers included Hughes, Raytheon, Lockheed, IBM, CSG, Ajilon. Employed by US Bank since March 2004

Educational Background: B.Sc. Physics, London University, U.K.; M.Sc. Systems Engineering, The City University, U.K.

Prior Governmental Experience: Previously contractor employee within DOD, NASA and BPA.

Community Involvement: CPO-4B steering committee member since July 2004.

Platforms and Pledges:

Land Use: Opposed Tigard's original proposal to annex Bull Mountain via single majority. Tigard later changed to double majority. Annexation must be by mutual consent, single majority would allow large cities to swallow small communities against their wishes. I intend to clarify ORS-195 to explicitly require double majority for all annexations.

Allow unincorporated urban residents to incorporate their own cities. I will fight to eliminate the three mile veto whereby existing cities prevent formation of new cities within three miles. Simplify the incorporation process, it has become too convoluted.

Allow unincorporated residents to annex to any nearby city of their choice. Tigard has vetoed efforts to annex Bull Mountain to King City. I will fight to give unincorporated residents power to change their urban service areas.

Create a legal framework providing temporary special districts to effectively represent unincorporated residents prior to any annexation. Dialogs between districts and cities achieving orderly annexations.

Livability for local communities, low density housing, better roads, more open space. Preserve our precious environment by heeding advice of local citizens. Bring urban planning back under local control.

Other Issues: Reduce excessive tax burden, streamline, downsize and outsource government services. Encourage philanthropy instead of levies. More charter schools. Allow tax credit for medical expenses replacing state health program. Stop taxing unemployment benefits.

Vigorously uphold civil rights. Support gay marriage, assisted suicide, separation of church and state. Stop legislating morality. Oppose mandatory minimum sentencing and eminent domain.

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(This information furnished by Friends of Charles Radley.)