State Representative
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Occupation: Speaker, Oregon House of Representatives

Occupational Background: State Representative, small-business owner, waitress, dental assistant.

Educational Background: James Monroe High School, attended Clark Community College

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative 1999-present; House Majority Leader, 2001-2002; House Speaker, January 2003-present; Chair, Ways and Means Subcommittee on Education; Co-Chair, Emergency Board; Co-Chair, Legislative Counsel Committee

Karen Minnis: A Proven Leader for Oregon
Karen Minnis was unanimously elected Speaker of the House by both parties because of her leadership qualities. Karen led the charge last session to make sure schools, seniors, the mentally disabled and public safety were protected from a severe budget shortfall.

Karen Minnis: Jobs, Not More Taxes
Karen Minnis didn't support the massive tax increase that voters defeated with Ballot Measure 30. Karen believes the best remedy for Oregon's economy is to establish an environment where businesses can create jobs and get people back to work. When people are working, taxes are being paid and essential services can be funded.

Karen Minnis: An Education Supporter
Karen fought for PERS reform, saving schools more than $200 million that was redirected into classrooms. She also introduced and passed legislation providing more opportunities for technical and vocational training.

       "Karen has been a great champion for education, securing additional funding for Mt. Hood Community College. I've really appreciated working with her to ensure that higher education is accessible for the people of East County."
       Robert Silverman

Karen Minnis: A Voice for Seniors
It was Speaker Karen Minnis who successfully fought for funding for seniors during the last legislative session, which is why she received an award from the Oregon Health Care Association for her relentless support of senior issues.

Karen Minnis is endorsed by:
Charles Becker, Mayor, Gresham
Oregon Nurses Association
David Fuller, Mayor, Wood Village
Hiroshi Morihara
Citizens Alliance for Responsible Education (school
boards and administrators)
National Federation of Independent Business/Oregon
Robert Silverman
Mike Weatherby, Mayor, Fairview
Junki Yoshida
Sheriffs of Oregon
The Oregon Council of Police Associations

(This information furnished by Friends of Karen Minnis.)