State Representative
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Occupation: Legislator, Retired

Occupational Background: State Representative (California); National Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs

Educational Background: Portland State University, East Los Angeles Community College

Prior Governmental Experience: California State Assembly (House of Representatives): Chairwoman, Committees on Utilities and Commerce; Elections Reapportionments and Constitutional Amendments; Subcommittee on Insurance Reform; Member of the Committees on: Appropriations, Consumer Affairs, Education, Foreign Trade, Government Operations, Judiciary, Labor, Local Government, Public Safety; Member, Little Hoover Commission; President, Garvey Board of Education

Family: Diane and Dr. Jon Mandaville, a 40-year Oregon resident, married in 1997. Diane moved to Oregon in 1998. Diane and Jon between them have four children and six grandchildren.

Community Service: Friends of History, Portland State University; Tualatin River Keepers; Middle East Studies Center, Portland State University, Rosemead Boys and Girls Club, National Women's Political Caucus, Alhambra Kiwanis, Monterey Park Young Republicans, Roteract

Miscellaneous: 1998 Democratic Nominee for California State Insurance Commissioner

We All Want

Safe Neighborhoods-Secure Jobs-Great Schools-
Affordable Heath Care-A Balanced Budget-
Fiscal Responsibility-Fairer Taxes

Diane Mandaville is the only candidate experienced and independent enough to get them for you. "I've been a Republican and a Democrat. I served three terms in the legislature. I know major parties expect their candidates to toe the party line. Both are guilty of killing important legislation that can help our communities because they put parties and special interests first." Diane Mandaville

Finally, An Experienced Independent

"Six years ago I made Tigard my home. Like many of you I was sick and tired of partisan bickering. I retired from politics. I became an Independent because I know Independents are successfully working with Republicans and Democrats in legis-latures across the country. Today I am running because our community needs an experienced Independent. My neighbors walked with me and put me on the ballot. I pledge to make our community top priority and to work diligently with both parties to get things done. I respectfully request your vote." Diane Mandaville

(This information furnished by Friends of Diane Mandaville.)