State Senator
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Occupation: Business Owner, Real Estate Principal Broker and General Contractor

Occupational Background: Real Estate Broker; Small Business Owner; past owner, Principal Broker and founding partner of Bend's Home Town Realty, LLC; and a 28 year fundamental, evangelical minister (retired). Current owner and Principal Broker of Certified Brokers, LLC, (real estate) and Aspen Tree Homes, LLC, (construction company).

Educational Background: Eureka Senior High, Eureka, CA 1967; Th.B.., 1976; Th.M., 1978; Th.D, 1980; (NBI) Ph.D., 1984 (FTS)

Prior Governmental Experience: Student Body President (undergraduate); Deschutes County Republican Central Committee Precinct Person; Chair, Voters for Al Bauer for State Representative Committee; 1982 Chair, Deschutes County Republican Central Committee

The voters of District 27 have a clear choice in selecting a person to represent them in the State Senate. I believe government should remove the legislative/regulatory obstacles and oppressive tax codes that strangle business growth and expansion. I embrace, without apology, the fundament tenants of:

Limited Government
Rights of Property Owners
School Choice
Pro Life
Constitutional Government
Traditional Family Values
Economic and Social Conservatism

We have within us the ability to achieve great things. We should set high standards and reach for what seems impossible without forgetting that there is a higher purpose than "self." Each of us has a purpose, a great purpose, and we must strive be all that we are intended to be.

Don't cast your vote for the "lesser of two evils." Cast your vote for fundamental principles. Together we can make a difference.

(This information furnished by Don Loyd.)