United States Vice President
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Pacific Green

Occupation: Broadcaster; Not for Profit Agency Founder and Director

Occupational Background: Television and Radio Host for 15 years; Director, The Do-gooder Foundation providing healthcare, food and housing to those with nowhere else to turn

Educational Background: University of Amsterdam, European Studies Graduate Program; Boston College B.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: Candidate for Governor of Maine

Dear Oregon Voter,

I am running for Vice President because I love my children.

Someone like me, a single mother of two, who needs the Green Party and its ideals as much as anyone does, must run if our current system is going to change.

Women head more than 70 percent of the families living in poverty. Yet less than 1 percent of the United States Congress has been female. Our needs are great but our representation in legislative bodies in this country has been nil.

As a broadcaster, I know that U.S. government policies are in opposition to the best interests of this country. The privately owned media supports its own agenda while alienating the people. Consequently, half of our voting population doesn't vote. We are not represented and it shows.

If the government worked for the people, we wouldn't have the "Patriot" Act. We wouldn't have our sons and daughters (and grandfathers!) in harm's way, waging war for the wealthy and angry all over the world. We wouldn't have the educational nightmare called "No Child Left Behind" or huge deficit-ballooning tax cuts for the greedy. We would have single-payer, universal health care, a living wage and women wouldn't fear losing their right to choose.

There is another reason I am running: my running mate, David Cobb. David represents the marginalized voices of this country. Decent and honest, he cares for the ordinary American who has otherwise been left out of this Presidential debate. Please read the statements by David and the Pacific Green Party.

Vote Green: the best hope for our country's future.

Pat LaMarche


(This information furnished by Cobb/LaMarche.)