State Representative
wayne krieger photo


Occupation: State Representative, District 1; Owner/operator Skyview Ranch/Tree Farm

Occupational Background: Oregon State Police, Rancher, Forest Manager.

Educational Background: Gearhart/Seaside schools; Oregon Technical Institute; Oregon State Police Academy:

Prior Governmental Experience: Member of Timber and Agriculture Committee; Natural Resource - Ways and Means; Chair-Senior Taskforce; Member of Pacific Fisheries Legislative Task Force; Co-Chair Stream Restoration Committee; Oregon Board of Forestry; Oregon Water Enhancement Board; Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and Landslide Taskforce.

Quality Education for Every Child

"Education is the foundation of the next generation. I will work to secure adequate school funding. Our parents, teachers and school boards should decide how the money is spent." Wayne Krieger


Wayne works diligently to reduce government waste. Wayne has worked to return the "Kicker", and believes the state must live within its means.


"Wayne has followed GOP policy in not proposing to raise taxes, he supports smaller government and is an advocate for small business." Michael J. Winters, Winston

"It is important that we create new job opportunities and protect our natural resource economy. We need to focus on family-wage jobs that will allow young people to continue to live in Southwestern Oregon" Wayne Krieger

Natural Resources

"I support the sustainable, balanced harvest of our fishery, timber and agricultural resources based on sound science. These are a way of life and key to the economy." Wayne Krieger

(This information furnished by Wayne Krieger for State Representative.)