State Representative
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Betty E.


Occupation: Principal, French Prairie Middle School.

Occupational Background: I've worked as a farm hand; school janitor; and teacher.

Educational Background: As a working single mother, I earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Western Oregon University.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair of the Mt. Angel School Board.

Dear Friend,

I'd like you to remember one thing about me before you cast your vote: I will never stop working for you.

I'm no stranger to hard work in tough times. I grew up poor with 13 brothers and sisters. We were always struggling to make ends meet. I learned that to make things better, you have to be strong and committed to your goals. That's why I finally made it to college as a single mom at 36. Eventually, I built a better life for my family.

As an educator, I didn't quit working hard. I took on the challenge of working at tough schools because that's where my help was needed.

The challenges I've faced in my life did not require Democratic or Republican solutions; they required common sense and hard work.

As your representative, I will:

Most importantly, I will work to restore cooperation and common sense in the Capitol so that we can tackle the challenges facing Oregon.

Betty Komp

A few organizations that support me:
Oregon Business Association PAC
Oregon Association For Retired Citizens
Oregon Nurses Association
Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
Oregonians for Schools
Oregon AFL-CIO

(This information furnished by Elect Betty Komp.)