State Representative
thomas e. humphrey jr. photo
Thomas E.
Humphrey, Jr.


Occupation: Business Owner

Occupational Background: Owner/President, FasterPermits; Past President, International Conference of Building Officials (Chemeketa Chapter), Chairman of the CCICBO Code Change Committee.

Educational Background: Associate of Science, Chemeketa CC, Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: As a professional permit consultant I have more than 15 years of experience working the practical side of government. My knowledge of bureaucratic processes coupled with an understanding of the needs of people and politicians lent to a successful and growing career.

I am not a "politician," nor do I aspire to be. I'm won't promise I'll crusade for your pet ideologies.
I'm not going to cast dispersions on my opponents or parties.

I am however going to promise you that I will listen to you.
I will hear you.
I will care.

I will serve you as a legislator ought; weighing your needs against your neighbors and making decisions based on one simple criteria:

"Will your needs uphold the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of your neighbors?"

My name is Tom Humphrey. I am a husband, father, businessman and neighbor. I believe in my country, I believe in my God. I believe in you.

Vote for me. I'm just the right guy.

(This information furnished by Tom Humphrey.)