State Representative
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Pacific Green

Occupation: Operations Analyst

Occupational Background: 21 years of working experience in the information technology field covering a wide variety of positions and responsibilities in multiple industries, including aerospace, insurance, retail, and freight.

Educational Background: AA degree Computer Learning Center Brea, Ca. (1983)

Prior Governmental Experience: Member: Member Coordinating Committee, Portland Metro chapter of the Pacific Green Party; Chief Petitioner for the Washington County People's Utility District.

Community Service: Co-chair of "Washington County Citizens for Progressive Government"; Portland coordinator for Witness Against Lawless Logging; Volunteer Hands on Portland

Personal: Married 24 years to Cathy, one son Lance and one daughter Anna.

Clean and Effective Governance
Our community deserves government that is accountable, effective, and whose workings are transparent and free of patronage and favoritism. The cynicism, short-term thinking, and insider politics that have diminished people's esteem for our government must come to an end. I will restore ethics, integrity, accountability, and responsiveness to the office. I support "real" campaign finance reform, full public funding of elections, instant Run-off voting, equal media access for all candidates and same-day voter registration. I do not take "corporate" contributions.

I will work to make our district a more sustainable community by championing green energy and business practices, protecting scarce natural resources from further degradation by pollution and overuse, and making the community a healthy place for all of its residents. I will work towards an approach that addresses the depletion of finite resources like fuels, minerals, and species and that addresses the increasing pollution of our atmosphere, water, and soil

Health Care For All
I believe everyone has a right to health care. Health care for all is a simple idea! While simple, the reality is that hundreds of thousands of people in Oregon do not have access to the health care they need. I will work towards that goal by expanding individual and family coverage options, streamlining the insurance bureaucracy, and establishing tax incentives to small businesses.

(This information furnished by Steve Geiger.)