State Representative
shirley (whitehead) freeman photo
Shirley (Whitehead)


Occupation: Pres., SKF P & Trust; Partner,

Occupational Background: State Employee, D.H.S.; Contractor, Cedar Mills Construction Company; Nursing Home Administration; Oregon Legislative assistant; Business Manager, Professional Services Group; Owner-Manager, Newcomers Service; International work experience, in Japan, Oregon's largest trading partner.

Educational Background: University of Oregon Graduate, Deans list; Northwest Christian College Certificate; AmeriCorp trained and served; CASA trained;

Prior Governmental Experience: several years Oregon Politics, elected and non-elected positions. Legislative Assistant (in the Freshman years of Les AuCoin, Steven Kafoury, Vera Katz, Earl Blumenauer & Wendy Roberts), elected precinct committeeperson, Ptl., & Eugene. Winner of three primary elections for the Oregon Legislature, National political convention.

Volunteer Work: American Red Cross, instructor; emergency care, for over 100 children in Northeast Portland; two married children, two grandchildren; Domestic Peace Corps, Shanti of Oregon; Riverkeepers; SOLV; Columbia Slough cleanup; P.T.A. President and room mother; Metro, alternative energy conference; Port of Portland, planning meetings; SHIRLEY is active in many clubs and organizations. Northeast Portland Homeowner.

SHIRLEY is a Lifetime Oregonian with (time-tested) proven business sense, skills and solid legislative experience. SHIRLEY will be sensitive to other areas in the state, where she has also lived. SHIRLEY wants to attract sustained job growth by cultivating grass-roots talent and validating all of us. SHIRLEY knows and respects Oregonians for their individualism and cooperative nature. SHIRLEY wants tough crackdown on criminal behavior without special privileges for some sectors. High crime rates are not acceptable standards.
SHIRLEY wants to use her business management skills to enable Government services to reach further by being a resourceful Consumer. SHIRLEY's combination of business and social service skills will Impact the political process by spending smarter.

Issues: Health and Prescription drug Coverage; home care as opposed to institutional care; adequate child and educational funding; Open exchange of ideas, minority rights, public interest and prioritization of service costs and benefits need hearings and legislative action.

(This information furnished by for Legislature committee.)