United States Senator
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Occupation: Database Management

Occupational Background: Independent Consultant

Educational Background: Gettysburg College, B.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: Current Chair, Multnomah County Libertarian Party.


We deserve a Senator who will actually represent us.

The incumbent voted for the USA PATRIOT Act and the Homeland Security Act, without even reading them. Now he says he wants to "fix" them.

These two pieces of legislation can't be fixed. They need to be torn out of the books, and those who voted for them should be turned from office as a cautionary tale.

I will work to bring all of our troops home from Iraq as quickly as can be safely accomplished. The military exists to defend America. If we refocus it on that basic mission, we will be more secure and less of a target.

I will work for a sane energy policy that doesn't subsidize huge oil corporations and back corrupt, brutal dictatorships. Alternative fuels can easily compete with unsubsidized oil.

The American people, and Oregonians particularly, are good, kind, generous people. It is about time we had a foreign policy that reflected our basic decency.

Oregonians send over $21.5B to Washington, D.C. annually. We get back less than $18.3B. The loss of $3.2B has done massive damage to our state, communities, schools, and families. It is time to stop playing – and losing - the pork game. Oregonians could solve their own problems if federal politicians didn't suck up so much of our resources.

The misnamed "No Child Left Behind" act is yet another example of a well-intentioned but fatally flawed effort. I will work to repeal it, and any other centrally planned approach to our children's education.

I will work, using the filibuster if necessary, against any attempt by government to define personal relationships. Whom you love and marry is your own business.

I will, in every case, vote for less government in favor of empowering individuals and families.


(This information furnished by Dan Fitzgerald.)