State Representative
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Occupation: Children and families advocate.

Occupational Background: Past President, Oregon PTA; Volunteer Coordinator for North Clackamas School District.

Educational Background: Henry Ford Community College.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Quality Education Commission; Clackamas County Committee for Citizen Involvement.

Family: Married, Mom of two sons

"I can't remember a time when people have been more worried about the future. With so much uncertainty we need leaders we can trust, who will do what it takes to get things moving in the right direction again."

Kathryn Firestone

First things first: Restore trust in state government

Some legislators talk a lot about "accountability," but then don't back up their words with action. Kathryn Firestone supports audits of state agencies and giving agencies incentives to find efficiencies and save taxpayer money.

Put an end to out-of-control health care costs

Health care costs are rising too fast. Kathryn Firestone thinks public hearings and Insurance Commissioner approval should be required before insurance companies raise their rates. We should also lower costs for life-saving medicines and help seniors live independently in their own homes.

The know-how to get dollars into the classroom

Having created the Guaranteed Start program to help students overcome problems with reading, Kathryn Firestone knows how important it is to get education dollars where they do the most good: the classroom. Kathryn will also oppose any budget that cuts another dime from our local schools.

Public safety is crucial to our future

Working for years with local families, Kathryn Firestone has seen the impact of drugs and drug-related crime on our community. She'll work to strengthen penalties on meth dealers.

Good-Paying Jobs

Kathryn Firestone will work hard to recruit new companies to our area and give displaced workers job-retraining and educational opportunities to prepare them for future success.

We're supporting Kathryn Firestone!

Oregon Business Association PAC
Oregon Nurses Association
Clackamas Professional Firefighters IAFF Local #1159
Oregon Association for Retired Citizens PAC
Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregonians for Schools

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Kathryn Firestone.)