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Occupation: Executive Director, Malheur Timber Operators, Inc.

Occupational Background: Forest products company general manager; rancher; small business owner; Veteran's Affairs Loan Officer.

Educational Background: BA, University of Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Senator 1997-present; Vice-Chair Senate Budget Committee; Co-Chair, Subcommittee on Columbia River Gorge Commission Review; Co-Chair, Joint Legislative Audit Committee; Senate President Pro-Tempore.

Community Service: Co-Founder, Oregon Lands Coalition; Member, Oregon Economic Development Coordinating Council; Member, Oregon Hanford Waste Board.

Dave Hogan, Harry Esteve The Oregonian, 1/27/04

"Former Senate President Gene Derfler, (R-Salem) says the way lawmakers spend their staff allowances can be indicative of how they handle other budgets…Active lawmakers who returned the most money to the general fund in 2003: Sen. Ted Ferrioli, R-John Day: $8,447."

Baker City Herald, 02/18/04

"The Taxpayer Association of Oregon has awarded State Senator Ted Ferrioli, R-John Day, the 2003 Taxpayer Watchdog Award. Senator Ferrioli is a taxpayer hero for opposing the $1 billion tax hike the politicians tried to pass in the middle of our recession. Sen. Ferrioli was not afraid to ask the tough questions and he was aggressive at investigating government waste. Sen. Ferrioli is a hard worker and a dear friend of Oregon taxpayers."

Endorsed By:
Associated Oregon Industries
Oregon Farm Bureau Political Action Committee
National Federation of Independent Business/Oregon
Sheriffs of Oregon

(This information furnished by Friends of Ted Ferrioli.)