State Representative
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Charles P.

Pacific Green

Occupation: High school language arts teacher.

Occupational Background: Mediator with Multnomah County Circuit Court, resolved small claims and landlord/tenant disputes; workers' compensation insurance claims examiner; food server.

Educational Background: B.A. English Literature, Lewis and Clark College, 1982; Certificate in Dispute Resolution, Willamette University, 1987; Masters of Arts in Teaching, Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education, 2002.

Prior Governmental Experience: Served two years on the Buckman Community Association board of directors, 1994-1996.

Start remaking society now! Vote Pacific Green. Elect Chuck Fall.

As your representative, I will work for accountability in government, fairness in elections, health care, and taxation. I will promote an ecological economy.

I support publicly owned, democratically controlled, electric utilities. Make government accountable; strengthen the auditing arm of the Secretary of State.

Make Oregon a leader. We can have a manufacturing renaissance (more jobs) and become energy self-reliant by mandating more energy conservation systems, legalizing cannabis and by developing more renewable energy systems. I will fight for Oregon's 10th amendment right to cultivate industrial hemp; we need hemp to ecologize our economy.

Keep integrity in politics. Make elections fair and affordable; limit the amount of money a candidate may raise and spend during a campaign season.

Let majorities rule. Increase voter choice and save money by eliminating runoff elections through a preferential voting process called instant runoff voting. Enact the Oregon constitutional provision enabling voters to rank their preferences for candidates.

Access to affordable housing and health care is a human right. I will champion these causes to the greatest extent possible.

Make taxation more equitable. Fund government services by increasing corporate and personal income tax rates; thus, higher income taxpayers will contribute more to the Oregon treasury and consequently, through itemized deductions, pay less to the Federal treasury. Increase revenues by limiting tax deductions for business activities harmful to the general welfare.

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(This information furnished by Charles P. Fall for State Representative.)