State Representative
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Occupation: Teacher (CrossRoads School); Soccer Coach (Phoenix HS)

Occupational Background: Educator; Software Technical Trainer

Educational Background: Phoenix HS; BA, Wesleyan University; 5th Year Secondary Education, Southern Oregon State University

Prior Governmental Experience: None


Quality Education and Affordable Health Care
Unstable school funding, a struggling economy and skyrocketing health care costs sabotage Oregon's future. The Legislature has failed to provide Oregonians with adequately funded schools or to address access to quality health care, out-of-control prescription medication costs or rising health insurance premiums.

"John Doty understands that stable funding for K-16 education is a cornerstone of our future, impacting jobs and the economy."

John Kinard, business educator

"John has firsthand experience with Oregon health issues - from his father's struggle with Parkinson's to his day-to-day work with high-risk teens - and has seen the results of health access problems. He recognizes the complexities and has the compassion and intelligence to make the best decisions for the people of Oregon."

Bunny Lewis, CNM, Nurse Practitioner

Responsible Government
Medford needs representation with grounded sensibilities, working with a diverse population to build consensus and meet the needs of its citizens. As an educator, John has experience working successfully under budget constraints. John has proven ability to deliver results.

"Engaging and capable young leaders like John bring hope for the next chapters in our lives as Oregonians. We NEED him in Salem."

Nancy Jo Mullen, business owner & artist

"John will restore honor and integrity to the Oregon House."

Gerald "Lou" Hannum,
Former Medford Mayor & Councilman

Endorsements include:
American Fed. of State, County, and Municipal Employees
(AFSCME, Council 75) AFL-CIO
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
Oregon School Employees Association
Oregon Nurses Association

"It is time to restore an Oregon we are proud to call home
and proud to leave to our grandchildren.
For the future… For Oregon… For us." JOHN DOTY

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