State Representative
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Marc L.


Occupation: Financial Advisor

Occupational Background: Financial Advisor 2000-present. Co-owned website creation business 1996-1999.

Educational Background: Attended Portland State University, from 1999-2001; Associates Degree: Portland Community College, 1998; Graduate: Beaverton High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Commissioner, Tigard Water Board, 2003-Present; Treasurer, Libertarian Party of Washington County, 2004; Member of State Committee, Libertarian Party of Oregon, 2002-2004;

Other: Member, New Budget Coalition; S.M.A.R.T. Volunteer

Are you searching?

I was. While I searched for one political party that holds the line on taxes and defends my civil liberties, I didn't find it with the Democrats or Republicans. What I found was a lack of principle. One party wanted to take my social freedoms if they disagreed with my lifestyle, the other wanted to take my hard-earned dollars and waste them on programs which hurt the poor and penalize hard work.

Search no more. As a Libertarian (which most of us are if you really think about it) I understand the pros & cons of the two party system. I also understand that no matter how much THEY keep winning, things keep getting WORSE. Isn't it time for a change? Are you ready to take the lead in a movement based on principle, not political tide?

Libertarians have been consistent in fighting tax measures that have been found to be frivolous, at best. We took the lead against Tax Increasing Measures 28, 29 & 30, while Republicans continually balked. We are taking the lead against Measure 36, which gives the state the RIGHT to discriminate based on gender. Do you see the Democrats in this fight?

I am a leader in the fight for what is right. I am experienced and will not waver from principle. Now is the time to reward principle and reject partisan bickering. We all want this system to change. Don't wait, cast your vote for the Libertarian Party. Fiscally Responsible, Socially Tolerant.

The Search is Over. Marc Delphine for House of Representative, District 37

(This information furnished by Friends of Marc Delphine.)