State Representative
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Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator; Truck Driver; and all around Handy Man.

Occupational Background: Burger flipper; bus cleaner; and everything in between when times were hard.

Educational Background: I am a 1983 Graduate.

Prior Governmental Experience: I have no real Governmental experience besides what I have read from the print media; television media and the most evil talk radio.

Hello, my name is Paul Delaney and I am running for office because I want to help bring back responsibility in government and hopefully give you the voter more bang for your buck. If I am elected some of the things I would like to do in no specific order will consist of really looking at the books and cut the waste that is there. Government people work for you the voters. I would like to strengthen concealed weapons laws for the rights of gun owners. I would also like to see a strong P.E.R.S. reform and collective bargaining reform bill, so that the people in government that work for you the voter and taxpayer can not work out such excessive pay and Health benefits that will eventually break the taxpayers wallet. I believe there should be some sort of Judicial Review Board. Judges are to interpret the law not make it. I am tired of seeing something that you the voter voted on an passed, thrown out because of one Judge. I would like to strengthen private property rights for property owners.

I would be honored to serve you the voter of the 23rd District, if duly elected, if not I will be happy if I get more than one vote.

Thank You
Paul Delaney

(This information furnished by Paul Delaney.)