Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Internet Director

Occupational Background: Automotive Manufacturing, Technology, Sales Management, Business Owner

Educational Background: North Dakota State University, Moorhead State University

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Libertarian Party of Marion County, 2002-2004

Democrats have called for higher taxes and spending, which works against economic growth and job creation. And while Republicans have lowered some taxes, spending under Republicans has actually accelerated, even if you factor out wartime spending. The result is an exploding budget deficit
representing a tax on our future.

We're faced with a dilemma: Democrats "tax and spend" and Republicans "borrow and spend." I represent another choice - responsible reduction in the size and cost of the federal government.

Massive government spending, whether financed through taxation or debt, ultimately means a lower standard of living for society. Non-military discretionary spending increased roughly 36% in the past three fiscal years, three of the five biggest annual percentage increases in 40 years. The federal debt increased over 2 Trillion in the last 2 years to 7.3 Trillion dollars, greater than any time in our history.

My opponents may say that deficit spending is needed to fund the War on Terrorism. This is entirely false. The annual defense budget increased $48B, a mere fraction of the current $2.3T in current federal spending. The main purpose of our government, according to the Constitution, is to "provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare."

America CAN promote the general welfare more effectively through responsible spending cuts, keeping government within Constitutional parameters, and encouraging private sector and state involvement in areas that fall outside the federal government's Constitutional responsibility.

My election would help to balance the budget, increase individual freedom, and expand the economy - which would actually result in more revenue for critical services. As your representative in Congress, I'd work for you to make this vision a reality.


(This information furnished by DeFoe For Congress.)