United States President
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Pacific Green

Occupation: Community Activist/Attorney

Occupational Background: General Counsel, U.S. Green Party; Consultant, Center for Voting and Democracy; Construction worker.

Educational Background: J.D., University of Houston Law School

Prior Governmental Experience: Candidate, Attorney General of Texas; Citizen-activist and public interest lobbyist.

Dear Oregon Voter,

If you want to cast your presidential ballot in a positive and meaningful way—for peace, for immediately ending the occupation of Iraq, for repealing the "Patriot" Act, for a living wage and health care for all; and for building a party which will continue work on all these critical issues regardless of who wins on November 2, then I encourage you to vote Pacific Green.

The Green Party is America's fastest growing political party. We believe in government by the people. Our hundreds of elected officials are working daily to improve local communities and give citizens a voice in the decisions which affect their lives. From Salem to Corvallis to San Francisco and New Paltz, New York, Green office-holders have championed a healthier environment, improving school lunches and giving all people basic human rights, including the right to marry.

Greens Believe in Democracy for All:

A Sustainable Economy and Environment

If you agree with our values, vote Green! I also encourage you to:

Vote for Peace.
Vote for Hope.

Vote Cobb-LaMarche.
Vote Pacific Green.



(This information furnished by Cobb/LaMarche.)