State Representative
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Occupation: Family Practice Physician.

Occupational Background: Indian Health Service, 1979-1985; assistant professor, Georgetown University School of Medicine, 1985-1992; associate professor at OHSU and physician, Cascades East Family Practice, Klamath Falls, 1992-present.

Educational Background: BA, Harvard College; MD, George Washington University; Family Practice residency, University of Wisconsin.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Family: Married to Wendy Warren, M.D.; five children.

Military Experience: United States Army, 1967-1969. Served with 25th Infantry in Vietnam; awarded Bronze Star.

Fellow Oregonians:

The election of 2004 gives Klamath County voters an opportunity to change their representation in Salem. Our first priority is to rebuild the economy of rural Oregon through support of local businesses and attracting new jobs. Businesses are attracted to communities with a first-rate educational system, good public safety, a sound environmental policy and access to high-quality health-care.

Economic growth for rural Oregon is strongly tied to the great quality of life provided by the region's natural resources. The agricultural and timber industries deserve a long-term plan for use of renewable resources that will allow recovery from the setbacks to our economy caused by inappropriate environmental restrictions. Good leadership can give us a balanced approach that builds the local economy while respecting the environment and puts an end to wasting energy on endless litigation.

Under funding of our educational system has led to problems ranging from crowded classrooms in elementary schools to having the brightest young people leave the state to seek higher education, many of whom never return. Cutbacks in state police funding have made our roads unsafe to drive on. We can support education and law enforcement through increased efficiency in state government and rebuilding the state's economy. I do not support increased taxes for individuals or small businesses in Oregon.

I am happy living in Klamath County and want to make life better for the people who live here. Our dedicated educators, law enforcement agents and local government deserve the best possible support from Salem.

(This information furnished by James Calvert.)