United States President
george w. bush photo
George W.


Occupation: President of the United States

Occupational Background: Governor of Texas

Educational Background: Yale University - B.A.; Harvard University - MBA

Prior Governmental Experience: Governor of Texas

I have been honored to serve as President during an historic time for America. Together, we are making our nation safer, stronger, and better.

We have rallied the world to defeat terrorists abroad and strengthened our laws to protect Americans at home. Tax relief for families and small businesses has spurred our economy to its fastest growth in nearly 20 years. Schools are improving with higher standards, strong accountability, and local control. And prescription drug coverage is helping older Americans pay for their medicines.

During the next four years, we will spread opportunity and prosperity to every part of America and continue to lead the cause of freedom and peace in the world. We will ensure every American who wants a job can find one by keeping taxes low, making regulation of small businesses more reasonable, opening up foreign markets, and reducing junk lawsuits. We will pass a comprehensive energy plan to make America more energy independent. We will help more Americans get job training at community colleges. We will make health care more affordable and help families save and invest so every person owns a part of the American Dream. And I will stand with the men and women of our military, law enforcement, and first responders as we defend our homeland, defeat terrorists, and bring peace and freedom to people around the world.

I have a positive and optimistic agenda for America, and I would be grateful for your vote.

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